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Avoiding Certain Places

For many of us, being in a certain environment will overwhelm our abilities to control our eating/drinking behaviors.  Here are some examples:

  • Going out with a bunch of friends for a Happy Hour at a bar
  • Deciding to go to an “All Inclusive” (including booze) resort for a vacation
  • Routinely heading to the alcohol containing cubbard before or after dinner for a drink
  • Shopping at the grocery stores that have prominent candy displays
  • Opting for a buffet restaurant (“All You Can Eat”) as opposed to a restaurant that will charge you per item/course
  • Going into a convenience store such as 7/Eleven for one specific item and coming out slurping from a Slurpee
  • Joining the local Bunko group and participating with the alcohol usage inherent to these gatherings
  • Spending an entire afternoon with your boating friends on the boat with the main activity being drinking and eating

There are many other scenarios that will place people in situations where/when adhering to a weight control regimen will be very challenging.  We have two choices:

  1. Purposefully avoid these places/situations
  2. Learn how to be present at these places/situations and have the willpower to forego or significantly limit the derailing food/drink sources.

It would be best of course to learn how to be in these environments and control your eating/drinking as this allows you to enjoy the functions/events that are taking place.  Go to these events with a gameplan in mind and stay true to this.  

We all want to be healthy enough to continue to partake of all of the fun events with our families and friends.  Stay focused!

Sometimes, girls just wanna have fun (and guys and whoever else 2023 standards demands that I include).

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