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Battles Vs. The War

When we hear the word “War” we usually immediately think of an armed conflict between nations.  However, at times, government officials have used the word “War” in other ways such as the “War” on drugs and the “War” on crime.  In this context, the war is not between two different nations, but rather, on issues occurring in the United States that are harming our citizens and the quest to end these damaging forces.

There have also been proclamations about the “War” on our obesity epidemic.  Clearly, obesity rates keep rising and deaths from the weight-related co-morbidities, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc are killing far more of our citizens than drugs or crime.  After identifying the “War” against obesity, we then hear about public health interventions such as healthier meals at schools, more education about nutrition etc.

Let’s focus our discussion now on an individual basis.  To some extent, anyone that has contended with chronic weight control issues can relate to the concept of waging “War” against the weight.  Many efforts have been tried including following various diets, joining gyms, hiring personal trainers, paying for a medical weight loss program, etc.

During any real “war” there are usually many different battles.  Despite losing some battles, the war can still be won.  This line of thinking needs to be brought to the weight control arena as well:  During a long-term weight control journey, there will be “battles” that are lost (i.e. weeks/months when weight will go up).  Stressful times, prolonged travel, intercurrent medical illnesses…these issues and more will cause losing weight to be very difficult.  Despite these set-back times, we can still rally our internal forces to begin winning more and more “battles”. 

Try to not allow yourself to become discouraged at times to the point of “I give up”.  We will not win every “battle” but the “war” can be “won” i.e. achieving a healthier and happier weight.

And here is an oldie from the music group WAR…Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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