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Be Strong/Live Long

In 1997 a foundation to support cancer research called “Livestrong” was launched in Austin, Texas headed by the famous bicyclist, Lance Armstrong.  Around the same time, Nike partnered with Armstrong to launch a line of apparel featuring Armstrong and the “Livestrong” brand.  You may remember around that time that almost everyone seemed to be wearing that famous yellow wrist bracelet that simply stated “LiveStrong”.   When doping allegations started popping up and Mr. Armstrong admitted to the doping on an Oprah show appearance, Nike severed ties with Armstrong and the “Livestrong” athletic clothing line sort of disappeared.  However, to this day, you still see people wearing those Livestrong yellow bracelets.

Recently, we were cleaning some things out of the office attic and we found a box of bracelets that we had made up for our patients a number of years ago, we sort of ripped off (we are way too small a company to have Nike come after us) the concept and our bracelet stated “Be Strong/Live Long”.  This was referencing the need to be “strong” during a weight control journey and by doing so, a longer life awaits the weight-losing person.

Exploring the concept of being “strong” as this relates to weight control:  To a large extent, it does require quite a bit of mental “strength” to avoid reaching for carbohydrates and/or alcohol when we are faced with:

  • Stressful days at work
  • Being in social situations when everyone around us is consuming derailing food and drink sources AND coaxing us to join them
  • Going on a business trip and not losing focus on our dietary goals
  • Feeling bored of “dieting”

There are many other bullet points that may be added to this list. 

We all need, at times, to dig deep, and remain “strong” in our weight control efforts.  When we start feeling this strength faltering, try to focus on the important reasons why successful weight control is so important to us.  Going against human nature requires lots of strength when it comes to foregoing immediate gratification behaviors.

Be STRONG and you have a much higher chance of LIVING LONG.

And…how about this “freebie”???  We have a limited number of “Be Strong/Live Long” bracelets at the front desk available for FREE!!!  Stop by before they run out!!! 

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