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“Before and After”…and “After”

Every weight loss/weight control program or product will provide “testimonials” in their advertisements and marketing.  Most certainly, when we advertise the Serotonin-Plus Program, we include “before and after” pictures of some of our patients that lost a bunch of weight. This has been, and most likely will be always the case as there is nothing more compelling than seeing picturesof people “before” their weight loss when they are at a much larger weight and then “after” when they have shed a significant amount of the weight.

With 88% of the patient entries to our program being females, we, and other weight control programs, will tend to show more “before and after” pictures of women.  Additionally, it is usually best to post pictures of people representative of different ages, ethnicities etc.  The reason why?  When you are promoting your program/product, you want to show that this will “work” for everyone, and you want the person looking at your ad to be able to relate, to some extent, with the “before and after” pictures he/she is seeing.

The reason for this post:  What is much more important than “before and after” is the “after”-after.  What I mean by this:  When significant weight loss occurs, even to the point of reaching the goal weight, we CANNOT take the foot off the pedal, relax and allow old eating/drinking habits to sneak in.   There is a very strong human nature tendency to see reaching a goal (or much healthier/happier) weight as some sort of “finish line”.  “Good!  The diet is OVER and now I can go back and eat the things I want again”.   This mind-set results of course, in an “after”-after being the “before” weight/look.

PLEASE come in for your FREE body scans after you complete your formal program visits.  We are here to provide accountability and support post-program.  We want your “after”-after to be a very happy and healthy “after” and not a semblance of the “before”.  Also, if you have placed weight back on PLEASE do not be embarrassed.  We will be happy to bring structure and a medical “jump-start” to your efforts.   (Shhhh….major sale will be announced in 1 week in honor of my…GULP…65th birthday this month…stay tuned and open up these blogs for a great birthday gift I will be giving to you!)

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