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Benefits Before The Finish Line?

When most people begin a journey to lose weight a goal is usually in mind.  Perhaps that goal was developed based on a number, such as the weight that brings the BMI below 25.  Alternatively, the goal may be set based on getting the blood pressure or blood glucose needed to come off of a recently prescribed medication.  Another potential reason for goal setting is to be able to fit into a certain clothing outfit desired for an upcoming event such as a wedding.

I believe it is important to keep in mind that as weight is being lost, there are many other benefits occurring even before the goal weight is reached.  As an example, for a diabetic patient on medications, significantly lower dosages are required immediately after embarking on a low carb/high protein dietary approach.  Eventually the medication(s) can be eliminated completely (the “finish line” desired) but way before then, benefits are realized.

Here is another example:  A person suffering from back/hip/knee pains may want to lose weight so no pain is present at all.  Even before the “finish line” is reached (i.e. no pain at all), the intensity of the pain may be far less in very short order as weight is being lost even though the goal has not been reached.

Successful weight control brings many great endpoints but make no mistake about it:  You do not have to wait for great things occur during the journey to the finish line.

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