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Beware Of BOGO

I was strolling the aisles of the local Food Lion yesterday and I saw several advertising signs stating “BOGO”.  This stands for “BUY ONE/GET ONE”, meaning that if you buy the item at the regular price you get the second one for free.  As we all are subject to human nature’s credo of taking advantage of a great deal, I similarly looked very carefully at these “BOGO” items for sale.  Here is what I saw on “BOGO” Sale for this week at the store:

  • Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies
  • Entenmann’s Donuts
  • Bakery fresh blueberry muffin packs 
  • 64 ounce Coca Cola bottles

What I did NOT see as “BOGO SALE” items:  Proteins or vegetables.  Clearly, the food and drink items that are helpful to our weight control efforts are not as heavily promoted as those food/snack/drink items that produce major damage to our weight control.

The “BOGO” concept also is heavily promoted at times by fast food chains.  Who would not buy just one Big Mac when you can get the second one for free?

Successful long-term weight control often requires us to battle our human nature instincts.  “BOGO” is something that very much appeals to our innate desire to feel good immediately and save money.  However, beware of BOGO as this relates to your weight control efforts.

Talking about getting deals, do you remember those old Columbia House record clubs, where the come on was getting 10 albums for $1.99?  BUT, you had to commit to buying one record a month at the full price going forward for years and they would send you an album monthly that you would not necessarily like.  Getting out of those deals was a real challenge, with lots of threatening stuff being sent to you.  Ah, the good old days.

My first Columbia House album I received: A Simon and Garfunkel record featuring “The Only Living Boy In New York”.   Brings back memories

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