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Beware Of BOGO

Hmmm…the title of this entry with the acronym “BOGO”…BOGO sounds like a possible Star Wars character or some sort of sinister clown (and everyone is creeped out by clowns, right?).  Nope, “BOGO” in this instance stands for “BUY ONE/GET ONE”.

We have all seen the slick marketing ads, especially in and around Black Friday, that offer an incredible deal of buying something and then getting a second one absolutely free.  “BOGO” deals range from many different items including electronics, vacations where the second person goes “for free” to consumables.

Let’s focus on the consumables that are sometimes offered at the amazing deal of buying one (at the regular price) and getting a second one for free.  At the supermarkets, this type of deal is usually only available to those people that have the special “Member’s Card” that is free of charge if you pony up your e-mail address and phone number.  There are many different items that are offered for “BOGO” specials.  Some of these are quite compatible with your weight control efforts but many are not.

The ”BOGO” deal is frequently used at fast food places.  “Buy a quarter pounder with cheese and get the second one for free!”…or…”Buy the bacon, cheese and egg sandwich and get the second one for free!”

Clearly, our human nature is such that if we are able to get something “for free” we will most likely avail ourselves of the opportunity.  Therefore we must be VERY careful about NOT placing ourselves in “BOGO” situations where we will derail our weight loss efforts by not only getting one item that is sabotaging us, but also get an additional one.

During your long term weight control journey, beware of “BOGO” and try to not place yourself in the situation of trying to defy human nature as this relates to immediate gratification.

I cannot find any “BOGO” songs but one of my favorite songs with bongos instead of drums…Enjoy Richie Havens singing “Here Comes The Sun”.

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