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Beware Of Foods And Drinks That Make You Hungry

Do you remember those old Lays Potato Chip commercials where the tag line was “Bet You Can’t Just Eat One!”?  Well, there are physiological reasons why we feel compelled to reach for chip after chip after chip.  Processed snacks like chips will cause an immediate blood sugar rise.  This, in turn, produces a release of insulin to get that sugar into our cells.  Insulin secretion leads to an increase in hunger.

Sugar containing snacks such as chocolates will increase our hunger signals by the insulin mechanism as well as by activating the reward and appetite pathways.  The hypothalamus, thalamus and insula areas of the brain are all involved in the “hunger” mechanism and sugar containing foods activate these regions.

Diet sodas with artificial sweeteners have also been found to increase our appetite for high-caloric foods.  There appears to be some neural mechanism involved in this process.

Lastly, alcohol usage tends to lower our inhibitions when it comes to snacking and eating. Most/all of us have probably experienced the “munchies” that occur after we have imbibed in alcohol usage.  Additionally, alcohol will sort of dull our resolve when it comes to shedding weight.  Party, be merry and eat lots!  Marijuana will also fall into this category as well, and clearly, anyone that has smoked weed knows what it is like to become quite hungry.

Obviously, if you are on a weight loss journey, try to avoid the foods/drinks listed above.  It is difficult already to shed weight without having that appetite go up further.

Enjoy this scene from the classic “Dirty Dancing”…Hungry Eyes

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