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Beware Of Hobbies With Accompaniments

Hmmm…Kind of a weird title for the entry: “Hobbies With Accompaniments”.  What does this refer to?  Here goes:

Many/all of us engage in some sort of leisure/hobby activities that provide us balance from the rigors of work.  These can range from passive activities such as reading, writing or watching shows to more active engagements such as running, hiking, biking, gardening etc.

There are some hobbies that will often be “accompanied” by eating/drinking activities that derail weight control.  Here are some examples:

  • Golfers that ride the course on carts as opposed to walking and spend more time at the “19th hole” watering hole (i.e. the bar) than playing the other 18 holes
  • “Boaters”, i.e. people that socialize with others on their boats:  This socialization usually involves lots of alcohol usage
  • Card game players….yes, you Bunko players out there know what I am referring to….lots of wine drinking, right?
  • Touring wineries:  who does not go to these and sample the wines?

Hobbies are great to stress-reduce as well as providing us lots of happiness.  However, we all need to take a step back and evaluate whether our hobbies have deleterious “accompaniments” and if so, how we can separate these from the hobbies themselves.

And to finish this up, for you golfers out there that laughed at my “19th hole” reference, here is something that will also make you laugh….a classic…the movie “Caddyshack”…..enjoy this clip.

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