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Beware Of SDT

Okay, when you read the title of this entry, you probably thought I penned a typographical error, I was going to write a blog about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (“STD) and mistakenly wrote “SDT”.  Nope…my “SDT” stands for “Summer Doldrum Time”

We have passed Memorial Day and the July 4th holidays.  As always, the summers seem to fly by quickly.  And before we know it, the Labor Day weekend will be upon us signaling the end of the summer season.  Do you remember when you were a child?  The summer seemed long and at times, boring but as adults?  The time rushes by.

There are various times of the year when strong motivation sets in the shed weight.  One of these times is the spring.  The reasons?  1- We start taking off our winter clothes, see how we look in our more revealing outfits and we want to “look good’.  2- We have vacations planned and we want to be able to keep up with our families and friends in the activities that everyone will participate in.  

As we get deeper and deeper into the summer, these motivational factors start falling by the wayside.  We already have been wearing our summer clothes and for many, the vacations are in the rearview mirror.  Add on this is the notion that “it’s too late” to do anything about the weight even if the vacations are coming up in August.

Another factor that sort of douses our motivation this time of year is the hot, humid weather.  In the spring and very early summer, the slightly cooler, less humid outdoors made it a more favorable environment to go out for exercise.  Between the poor quality of the air from the Canadian fires to the incredibly hot and humid weather we have been having, it is difficult to exercise outdoors.

The above factors could result in “Summer Doldrum Time” (“SDT”).  By this, I am referring to a state of low motivation to aggressively attack a weight control problem.  If you find yourself in this sort of inertia state, try to dig deep to find additional motivations to re-fuel your drive.  This starts with thinking about upcoming fall excursions, family events and all of the other activities that will go on year-round that you want to be healthy and participate in.

Do not contract a case of SDT!  And use protection (meaning at least SP-50 when exercising outside).

Enjoy a real oldie…”A Summer Song”…by Chad and Jeremy…introduced by Dick Clark.

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