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Beware Of The Hyped Promises

Every “weight loss company” (including ours) knows that starting December 27 or so the Google searches for the terms focusing on “weight loss” become searched for in numbers massively higher than before Christmas.  During Thanksgiving and Christmas, most people that have weight control problems put this in the back burner so as not to interfere with the joys of the holidays.  However, shortly thereafter, the “New Year/New You” mindset occurs and that New Year’s resolution of losing weight becomes front and center.

This is why the airways and internet are chock full of weight loss commercials.  The usual enticements come in the form of celebrity (or sort of ex-celebrities) hawking a certain program/product, visuals showing amazing “before and after” testimonial patients and/or promises of an incredible amount of weight loss in a brief period of time.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the sustainability of the weight loss.  When meal replacements in the form of shakes/bars/prepackaged meals are used to help people control weight, there is a huge chance that when the buyer goes back to “real food”, all of the weight will go back on.  This is the difference between a “diet” (i.e. something that is start/stop ) vs. a life-style change.

The other products you will see lots of commercials for are various supplements that promise “fat burning” and other ways of helping you shed weight with little-no other efforts required on your part.  Unfortunately there is no such thing as  “pill” that helps you lose weight and keep that weight off without an accompanying change in life-style.

Exercise equipment?  These become promoted lots as well and clearly, if used along with a prudent dietary plan, there is no doubt that exercise will help with weight control.  However, I have seen things advertised like rollers and other simplistic devices that make it seem that with little energy expenditure, this piece of equipment will product miraculous weight loss.

Anyone struggling with weight control would like to find an easy and affordable way of accomplishing this.  We should all start with the premise that there will be lots of “work” involved no matter what path we go down.  Anything/anyone that promises “easy” weight loss should be viewed skeptically.

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