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Beware Of The “In Between Time”

I am writing this entry in mid January.  The mornings are dark and cold, there is frost on the cars requiring extra warm up time, the holiday lights and trees have been taken down, and warm/sunlit days of spring and summer seem far off.  Basically, we are in what I will refer to as the “In Between Time”, meaning that the festive holidays are over, the best weather of the year is a number of months away and there is not much to look forward to in the immediate time frame.

Whether this “In Between Time” produces seasonal depressive symptoms (“Seasonal Affective Disorder”) or plain boredom, we all must be careful as to how this impacts our health-related behaviors.  In the attempt to diminish the sadness or boredom, many people will turn to excessive alcohol usage and/or high caloric food intake in the attempt to assuage our feelings.  These behaviors, in turn, will lead to weight gain and other potential health related issues.

What can we do to prevent or mitigate the negative health impact of this “In Between Time”?  Some suggestions include:

  • Begin/augment your exercise program
  • Arrange activities with other people that will allow for “healthy” socialization, such as book clubs, movie outing, card games etc  ( and I don’t mean winery trips)
  • Start indoor projects that you have been delaying
  • Start writing…could be a short story, a blog, your memoirs, a book:  The special people in your life will cherish the writing you do, even if it is not what you consider “professional” or publish-worthy

Try to NOT allow the “In Between Period” to sabotage your health and wellness.  Focusing on your health now will allow your spring and summer to be that much more enjoyable.

And now that the calendar has turned to 2024, I just had to post this incredibly dated music video from the 1960’s….Neil Sedaka’s outfit is way too funny.

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