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Beware Of The “Specials”

I often write about the concept of “human nature” and how this plays a role in our weight control efforts. Our behaviors, to some extent, are driven by “primordial” forces that will compel us to act in ways that may not always be based on rationale thinking.  A classic example is when snow is predicted and the grocery stores become suddenly barren of toilet paper, eggs and milk.  Despite knowing intellectually that a few inches of snow will not disrupt the supply chain, many people run to the stores and hoard these “essential” items.

One of the human nature factors that interplay with our weight control efforts is our quest for the “special”.    When we see an advertisement for McDonalds that touts “Buy one Big Mac and get a second for a penny”, this “special” sounds quite compelling.  Seeing a restaurant menu item special that comes with a “free dessert” may have us opting for that choice.  Walking through the grocery store and seeing the Entenmenn’s cakes/cookies boxes being sold as a special “Buy One and Get One FREE” will entice us to place two of those boxes into our carts.

Here are some “specials” that can help your weight control efforts:

  • Gym memberships that are placed on sale
  • Home gym equipment that is discounted for sale
  • Discounts at the meat and poultry section at the grocery store
  • Adding more weeks to your Serotonin-Plus Program during one of our sales (wow…that was just an example of “shameless self-promotion”).

As your journey through your quest for better health and happiness via weight control try to not all “specials” to derail your efforts.

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