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BF Vs. Dementia

At times, we all have had instances when we forget something.  When an older individual has one of these moments, there is often a self-deprecating statement such as “I just had a senior moment”.  When a younger person has a memory lapse, the term “BRAIN FART” is often used.

When are memory lapses concerning to the point that the dreaded “D” word (Dementia) is considered vs. the lesser-concerning, common “brain farts”?

The early symptoms of dementia may include:

  • memory problems, particularly remembering recent events.
  • increasing confusion.
  • reduced concentration.
  • personality or behaviour changes.
  • apathy and withdrawal or depression.
  • loss of ability to do everyday tasks.


One of the keys for diagnosing dementia is the impact that the memory issues have on every day life.  The person that has “brain farts” will not have their lives impacted to any degree by these occasional memory lapses.  However, the person with dementia will manifest an ever-increasing impact of the memory issues on their ability to independently manage their lives.

For those of you out there with elderly relatives or spouses that are manifesting memory problems, it makes great sense to have those people evaluated by their doctors.  We are seeing more and more cases of early dementia appearing so even if a person in their 40s-50s is minimizing their memory problems as “brain farts”, a medical evaluation makes sense.

Most of us fear developing dementia more than dying.  Given some new therapies available, make sure that there is no shrugging issues off to “Brain Farts” when something more serious may be developing.

And here is a 1968 Elvis singing “Memories”

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