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Body Composition and Clothes Sizes

One of the major reasons why people embark on wight loss efforts is to be able to fit into the types/sizes of clothes that they want to wear.  This especially becomes a major motivational reason when the weather becomes warm and the summer beach and pool season is rapidly approaching.  The winter allows for more “hiding” behind heavier and bulkier clothes.

The way clothes fit is often tied more to body composition as opposed to the actual weight/BMI.  As an example, when you see sports award shows, you see many athletes with BMIs that are above 30 (definition of “obese”) yet, these athletes look quite amazing in their suits and dresses.  Yes, these athletes may have a BMI above the normal range, yet, their percentage body fats may be quite low.

Many patients in our program report that despite what appears to be less weight loss than expected, their clothes fit much better and there is a significant drop in clothes sizes.  When body composition scans are run, it becomes apparent that although the actual pounds of weight lost may not be 20 or more pounds, the percentage body fat drops significantly.

A high protein/high vegetable-low carbohydrate/low fat/low fruit/low alcohol dietary plan will result is not only weight loss, but a marked lowering of body fat.  If the goal is to change clothes sizes, this will produce the results you are seeking.

We offer FREE monthly body scans to all of our patients so please take advantage of this service.  Not only can you monitor your body composition but you will also benefit from the accountability of coming into the office even when you are not in formal visits anymore.

Summer season is rapidly approaching.  If you want those really nice beach, pool and evening wear to fit just the way you want them to, remain steadfast in your weight control efforts.

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