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Bringing Negentropy To Your Life

Here is a word that perhaps none of us have heard since high school or chemistry days: ENTROPY.  The chemical definition of “entropy”: a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.

However, the word “entropy” is also used to describe a situation where events lack order and  unpredictability, with a gradual decline into disorder.  The opposite of entropy is NEGENTROPY.  This refers to situations when order and/or predictability increase over time.

Bringing this to health, wellness and weight control: Life is such that if we allow things to evolve over time without placing “order” on them, we will become less and less healthy.  If we allow ourselves to eat the foods that make us feel good, sleep in without setting alarms to wake up early enough to exercise, not pay attention to calorie/carb counts on foods…these “lack of order” activities, and similar ones will spiral us into serious health issues.

Think about your own children: As they were/are growing up, if you did not establish some sort of “Negentropy” to their lives, how well would they have developed and succeeded?  Would they have eaten the healthier foods, studied instead of played, go to sleep at a healthier time as opposed to staying awake playing video games or texting friends?  You know 100% that “entropy” i.e. a chaotic life would have ensued.

Please do a self-analysis as to whether you are allowing “entropy” to derail your quest for a healthier/happier life and try as best as possible to change this to NEGentropy.

Sorry…no luck finding songs using the word ‘Entropy”.  Hmmm…well, “chaos” leads to confusion and Elvis did sing about being “All Shook Up”…so here goes.

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