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Building “Wiggle Room”

The average weight gain in the U.S. between Halloween and New Years is 7.4 pounds.  By far and away, that time period is the most challenging for weight control.  The reasons are obvious:  Left over Halloween candy morphs in to Thanksgiving feasts with the accompanying desserts, carbs and alcohol and this is followed by Christmas gatherings/meals and this ends with New Year’s celebrations.  For the weight-conscious person, a very challenging time indeed!

However, during this 2 month period, not every week presents the same challenges.  An as example, from early November to Thanksgiving, there are a number of weeks without traditional gatherings occurring.  Veterans Day is not exactly known to be a food and booze-fest.  Similarly, in early December, there may not be nearly as many holiday functions that will occur from mid-December to January 1.

The point:

It becomes virtually impossible to lose weight the week of Thanksgiving and from later December until January 1.  However, there are weeks (such as the one I am writing this entry now, i.e. November 13) that we can adhere to the dietary plan aggressively and not be derailed by a bunch of events.  We need to take advantage of these weeks to build “wiggle room”, so when the weeks come that will be very challenging, we are at least starting out at a lower weight.

A reasonable goal may be to maintain weight during this very challenging period and NOT succumb to the 7.4 pound weight gain that the average person will experience.  Them come January 1, the mindset becomes much more focused with there be far less distractions occurring.

The concept of “building wiggle room” also applies to working extra-diligently before vacation weeks, birthday celebrations, other holidays etc.  Watch that calendar and when you see upcoming weeks when many challenges will occur build that wiggle room NOW.

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