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Can Alerts Help You?

We all have them.  We all use them.  We all are guilty of looking at them too often.  We admonish our kids for their overuse of them and sometimes have to take them away from them for awhile.  “Them” are what everyone refers to as “Smart Phones”.  

(As a slight editorial, I believe the phones may be “smart” but they are turning us users of them into a collective society of increasing idiocy.  And if you doubt that check out your high schooler’s writing prowess and compare this to yours at the same age.)

During a long-term weight control journey, ensuring the timeliness of meals, snacks, taking your supplements/meds and exercise will enhance the chances of success.  However, due to many people’s crazy/busy schedules, it is common for lots of us to forget/not make time to eat those meals/snacks.  We also have many patients that tell us that they have not taken their meds/supplements because they forgot or were too busy.  They are concerned that taking these too late will keep them awake or produce other undesirable side effects.

So, enter those “smart” phones:  They all have alert features on them that allow you to be “buzzed” at designated times.  If you find yourself missing meals, snacks and/or supplements/meds, set up the alert features to remind you at those designated times to take action.

One of the many challenges in long-term weight control is focusing on other things going on as opposed to focusing on yourself.  Using alerts can help you manage both.

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