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Can I Eat _____?

A frequent question I am asked by patients during a visit is: “ Can I Eat (or drink) ___”. The “——-” can be such foods/beverages as:

Protein bars
Self-made smoothies
Low fat ice cream

There are many more things that can be added to this list.

With my medical theme in mind to never say “never” and never say “always”, I will answer the question in the following manner: “For most people, real protein containing foods such as eggs, poultry, fish even red meat as opposed to protein substitutes such as bars and shakes are better for weight loss. BUT, feel free to try incorporating the foods you want to eat into your dietary approach and let’s see what happens on the scale. Clearly, if weight loss is still occurring those foods/drinks are compatible with your weight loss journey.

Conversely, if incorporating certain foods/drinks into your dietary plan seems to produce weight gain or no weight loss, these foods/drinks should be not become part of your weight loss approach.

When you wish to start eating/drinking food/beverages that you do not see listed in our dietary handbook, I suggest you only do one “new” food at a time and then see the impact on weight loss. If too many new foods are started at the same time and weight gain (or no loss) occurs, it will not be clear how impactful each of those new sources are.

All of our physiologies are different and what “works” for some people will not work for others. Learn your body, “test” how your body responds to the foods/drinks you want to incorporate and then it becomes your decision as to whether this will become part of your dietary approach.

How can you be sure? Trial and error (or success).

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