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Can I Have A Damage Report?

Anyone out there remember the original “Star Trek” TV show with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy?  By today’s standards, the special effects were really primitive and dated so it is sort of a hoot to watch the old reruns.  In almost every episode, the Starship Enterprise was rocked with missiles launched from a Klingon vessel.  After a bunch of shaking and people falling down, Captain Kirk would use the intercom to ask Scotty for a “Damage Report”.  Once the extent of damage was known a plan was put in place repair the damage.

Well, I know you are reading this after the passage of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years.  For those of you brave enough to hop on the scale, take your hand away from your eyes and read the number, the chances are great that the weight is much higher than you want it to be.  There is also a high likelihood that the number looking back at you is higher than the last time you checked.

If you have, in fact, climbed on the scale, the first step is to provide a self “damage report”, i.e. how much weight went on.  Then, the next step is to develop a plan to not only reverse the “damage” that was done, but also, continue the efforts to bring the weight down to the happy/healthy number you desire.

Take out our dietary plan booklet, reread the parts that describe “Phase 1” or “Modified Phase 1” and strive to adhere to this plan.  By doing so, the “damages” will be undone fairly quickly.  If you need the boost of prescription medications and support, call me to restart the program and/or use those visits that are still remaining in the programs you have previously purchased.

“New Year-New YOU” is a mantra often heard at the beginning of the year.  Let’s all undo the “damages” done to our health over the holidays and make 2024 a great and healthy year.

How could I post this without adding the opening to the classic TV show “Star Trek”?  And if Scotty was around, I would ask him to beam me back to 1988 when I had sooo much more energy! 

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