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Can One Change Make a Huge Difference?

There are many factors that contribute to our relative success or failure in driving our weight down to the level we desire.  These include the amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, sugar snacks, beverages we drink, the exercise we do, etc etc.  MULTIPLE behaviors and patterns of eating/drinking contribute to whether we see the scale go down or stubbornly remain at an unhealthy number.

However, for many people just one major change can impact weight control dramatically.  On a personal note, I came out of the U.S. Navy at age 32 weighing 190 pounds.  I decided after my entire life of downing 2-3 cokes a day to change to diet sodas.  That change alone contributed to 22 pounds of weight loss over a 5 month period.  I changed nothing else.

I have had numerous patients tell me that changing one thing, in this case alcohol usage, resulted in a tremendous amount of weight loss.  The majority of these patients were not alcoholics, but rather, they would casually consume 1-3 drinks a night.  When this behavior was stopped, despite no other changes, the weight came flying off.

Take a step back and evaluate YOUR situation and whether only one change could make a huge difference for you.  Sugar sodas and alcohol containing drinks were described above but perhaps adding an exercise component, stopping nighttime snacking after 8 PM and/or not eating any processed foods may be other “one change” interventions that may make a very impactful difference in your weight control efforts.

One change may or may not be easier that changing a bunch of other things at once.  However, that one change may be a life saver.

And here is a good “ONE”.  Enjoy the Bee Gees singing “One”.

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