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Can Vaping Help You To Control Weight?

Seven out of ten cigarette smokers want to quit smoking.  However, nicotine is very addicting and many people are scared that if/when they quit smoking, substantial weight gain occurs.  Studies have shown that smokers that quit, do, in fact, gain a substantial amount of weight during the first year post-smoking.  This weight gain is more likely due to the increased amount of “snack eating” that is done to offset the nicotine withdrawal symptoms as well as performing an activity (snacking) with their hands that otherwise would have been involved in the act of smoking.

The use of electronic cigarettes (“vaping”) is based on the concept that people can still get their nicotine “fix”, but are not being exposed to the many of the carcinogens and lung-destroying chemicals present in regular cigarettes.  There still are a bunch of potential side effects associated with the use of electronic cigarettes, including dizziness, dry mouth, cough, nosebleeds, dry skin and dry eyes.  Additionally, there are other chemicals in the admixture aside from nicotine and the long term negative issues of being exposed to the other chemicals are not known.

Studies have shown that very few people vape because of fear of the weight gain associated with smoking cessation.  They are much more concerned with the other withdrawal effects of nicotine.  Additionally, there are no long term studies showing that vaping is some sort of “treatment” for weight control.

Conclusion:  For you smokers out there that are scared of discontinuing the butts because of potential weight gain:  Don’t turn to vaping…visit the friendly folks at Serotonin-Plus and we will help you.

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