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Can Weight Loss Help Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition that many women experience as they progress in age.  The cause of cellulite starts with the thinning of skin with age, fat cells enlarge pushing against the thinning skin and then fibrous bands under the skin thicken causing the signature dimpling that appears.  The areas most commonly impacted are the buttocks, upper thighs, hips and breasts.  

98% of women will develop at least some element of cellulite over time but only 10% of men will manifest this skin condition.  The reason: Men have thicker skin and less fat layers than females courtesy of the testosterone/estrogen impacts on skin, fat and fibrous tissue.

It is NOT the case that only overweight/obese people develop cellulite.  This condition may impact the majority of normal weight individuals as well.  However, when weight is lost, especially when the body fat is diminished, this may reduce the areas of cellulite.  However, weight loss itself will not eliminate the cellulite completely.

Treating cellulite is difficult.  There are some laser treatments, Cool Sculpting and ultrasound therapies that produce some results but these take lots of time to produce their effects.  Retinol cream may help the appearance of cellulite.  With fat cells being involved in the process of cellulite formation, reducing body fat may positively impact the appearance of the cellulite.

For cellulite in the buttocks area, there is a new treatment available called “QWO” (collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes).   This treatment was approved by the FDA about a year ago for cellulite of the buttocks area and this consists of injecting the cellulite areas in three treatment sessions separated by three weeks.  The chemical in QWO helps loosen/dissolve the collagen/fibrous bands allowing the skin dimpling to improve.

Unfortunately, weight loss alone will not eliminate cellulite but there is no doubt that shedding body fat may improve the appearance.  Yet, another reason to control weight for those women who strive to have their butts look like J.Lo’s!

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