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Can Yoga Help With Weight Control?

I am writing this post one day after I saw on the news that it was “National Yoga Day”.   Did anyone out there know that a “National Yoga Day” exists?  My wife Nataliya is a Yoga instructor and she had not heard of this recognition day until I brought it to her attention.  She has tried to convince me to join her in yoga classes but I have not taken her up on the offer as yet.  Just not my thing.  However, I have always heard of the health benefits of Yoga, including the potential help with weight control.

First, a very brief background of Yoga: Yoga is an ancient practice focusing on breathing, flexibility and strength to boost mental and wellbeing. It is composed of a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines.  The main components of yoga are breathing and postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility.)  The practice is said to have originated thousands of years ago in India and has been adapted in other countries in a variety of ways.

Concerning the calories burned off during Yoga: This will depend on the intensity and the heat in the room, as some classes (“Hot Yoga”) are purposefully held in very warm rooms.  A 60-minutes session of Yoga can produce 200-600 calories of burn off, depending on the intensity of the Yoga class as well as the size of the person doing this. Walking provides an equivalent amount of caloric burn-off.

However, aside from the calories being expended, there are additional benefits of Yoga that impact weight control including:

  • Stress reduction: Many “Yogis” report that Yoga provides great stress relief and this can translate into less stress-eating.
  • Better “Mindfulness”:  Yoga, by heightening being mindful, can impact the choices people make in the foods and portions they are consuming
  • Improved sleep:  Felling less tired allows for more exercise
  • Improved mood: When people are happier, they will tend to binge less on the high sugar foods that provide “comfort”.
  • Strengthening muscles: Muscles burn more calories than fat

So the answer to the question posed in this entry: YES…Practicing Yoga can help with weight control, mostly through the bullet points listed above as opposed to the actual caloric burn-off.

And, for anyone out there that may be new to Yoga: Nataliya is offering one-on-one Yoga sessions in your own home.  Small classes (2-3) are also available.  Interested?  Contact Nataliya at:

And here is a video of Nataliya demonstrating a new way to enjoy outdoor during this summer season, SUP Yoga (Stand Up PaddleBoard Yoga).




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