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Can You Do It Your Way?

Today’s entry will conclude with a link to one of “Old Blue Eyes”’ most famous songs, “My Way”.  So, what does Frank Sinatra have to do with weight control?  Here goes:

The formula for long-term weight control is very simple to understand:  Eat correctly and incorporate exercise.  What does “eating correctly” mean?  For most, this entails a dietary approach maximizing protein and vegetables while minimizing carbohydrates, fruits, fats and alcohol.

However, vegans do not eat the “traditional” proteins, specifically referring to eggs/fish/poultry/red meat, yet not every vegan is overweight/obese.  The ones that are not find their way to minimizing carbohydrates and ensuring their protein intake is not accompanied by damaging fats.  There are many people that due to work hours, children responsibilities, commuting, etc. simply do not have the time to eat three meals a day and snacks as recommended by the SP Plan.  However, despite this, they are able to find their way to losing the weight and keeping it off.  Lots of people due to orthopedic issues cannot perform aerobic exercise to any great extent.  However, by using their ways of focusing strictly on dietary approaches, success is achieved in weight control.

The point:  We are providing you guidelines as to what/how, for most people, long-term weight control can occur.  However, everyone needs to personalize their approach to some extent because everyone is confronted with differing external circumstances, health issues, home responsibilities etc.

To some extent, we all need to find “My Way” during our long-term weight control journeys.

Enjoy Frank:

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