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Can You Hide The Weight?

The cold weather in winter makes it more feasible to wear clothing that is more effective of “hiding the weight” than during the summer months when shorts, bathing suits and other warm weather wear will reveal more of the body. There are a number of articles that discuss how people can “hide” their weight from being seen by others. At the end of my entry are some tips I found in an internet article. Feel free to keep reading on.

However, my role is to help people lose the weight, not simply “hide” it. Hiding the weight can occur quickly and not arduous, difficult, time-consuming and expensive as trying to lose it.

A few thoughts here: “Hiding” the weight is an action that is taken to improve the aesthetic look if the affected person believes the weight is causing the person to not look as young, be as attractive, or have the self-confidence he/she desires.

A very important point is that overweight/obese people cannot “hide” the weight from the internal organs. There are multiple co-morbidities related to poor weight control and there is no “hiding” from the internal damage being wrought.

Successful weight control allows people to not have to “hide” the weight from themselves, their organs or others.

But, if you want some internet tips as to “hide” the weight, here goes:

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