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Can You Make It To The Wizard?

Okay, I am penning this entry on a Sunday morning when I am often inspired to bring analogies into play concerning our weight control efforts.  Given that Saturday night is frequently spent seeing a movie, I will bring a famous flick into the spoltlight:  The Wizard of Oz.  So, what could Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man and others have to do with weight control?    Here goes…

Your weight control journey is meant to eventually find a way back to a comfortable, safe and loving place such as Dorothy was seeking in the Land of Oz (analogy: perhaps a time in the past when you felt much healthier, happier with your look, etc). During this journey, you will encounter many derailing situations/events, such as Dorothy experienced with tornadoes, flying monkeys (analogy: holiday excursions, business trips, etc).  There will also be people that will try to thwart your efforts such as Dorothy encountered with the Wicked Witch (analogy: jealous friends or the “candy jar” person at work).  And finally, when you reach the all knowing, all telling expert, such as Dorothy met when she finally made it to see the Wizard (analogy: Dr. Posner!!!) you are made to realize that getting to the healthier/happier/safer place is really under your control, albeit with some help.

Well, there you have it…my analogy of your weight control journey and one of the most famous movies ever made.  And here is a bonus: enjoy Judy Garland singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 

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