Can You Take A “Time Out”?

Let’s name some situations/circumstances when/where you can take a “Time Out”:

  • Coaching a sporting event for one of your children, the other team has momentum and you want to break that, hence calling for a “time out”
  • Your group of friends has a weekly card game that involves lots of drinking and you want to take a break from this activity.
  • A couple is having some marital difficulties and they decide to take a “time out” for awhile via a temporary separation.

Here are a few scenarios when/where a “time out” cannot be taken:

  • A complicated project at work must be completed by a hard deadline.  The work must be done without taking any significant breaks.
  • An examination must be taken on a certain date and studying must remain non-stop.
  • Your favorite football team is down by 6 points, they have the ball at their own 30 yard line with 1 minute left and they have exhausted their 3 allotted time outs already.

Okay, so what does any of the above have to do with long-term weight control?  Here is the answer:  We see many patients that have disappeared from the SP Program or simply gave up on their weight control efforts for a period of time.  The explanation often provided is “I just needed a Time Out” for awhile.

I completely understand the concept that the weight loss journey is difficult, exhausting at times, stressful and otherwise provides lots of challenges.  Human nature is such that we need a “break” or “time out” from any type of difficult situation.  However, there are co-morbidities of poor weight control that will not provide a “time out” from their damaging effects.  Chronic pain, poor self esteem, diabetes and the complications…these, and more also do not allow for a “time out”.

When you feel compelled to take a “time out” from your weight control efforts, think about the above, come in for a FREE body scan to our clinic to receive some encouragement and get back into the game.  No time out!

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