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Carrying Your Water

One of my favorite comedians, the late George Carlin used to have a routine when he would make fun of people carrying around water bottles.  In his usual ranting style of delivery, Carlin asked “When did it become the case that everyone has to carry around their own personal supply of water? Is everyone dehydrated?  Just take an (expletive) drink before you leave the house.”

Well, Carlin may have been funny but he sure was not an expert on weight control.  Water intake is a very important component of a long-term weight control strategy.  There are several major reasons why high amounts of water intake are recommended for anyone trying to shed weight including:

  • Decreases hunger
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Makes workouts easier

We recommend routinely drinking 64-100 ounces of water a day with the higher amounts recommended when you are burning off more calories, such as after intense workouts or being in a hot ambient environment.

Most gyms, workplaces and public areas have water fountains available but it is much easier to carry your own water supply.  Nowadays there are great water carriers that preserve the coldness of the water for prolonged periods of time without needed refrigeration.  These bottles are not at all costly.  Additionally, carrying your own water supply right next to you will serve as a reminder to drink that water.  Often, we get so busy during the day that many forget to drink enough water.

So, please consider investing a few bucks in a water bottle that you bring with you to work, in the car, etc.  And don’t let George Carlin’s routine embarrass you!

And here is a Carlin routine on politicians…enjoy (R rated…beware!)

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