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Celebrations And Weight Control

I have had a number of new patients that enter our program and inform me that they have a celebration upcoming, so the question they pose:  Can I start the program AFTER I celebrate my ____”.  The blank can be filled in with either a birthday, anniversary of some other celebratory event.

There are a number of celebrations we will all attend in the future, especially when the pandemic restrictions loosen.  These celebrations often include bountiful amounts of alcohol, desserts, high carbohydrate containing foods and a number of other weight control derailing options.

Here is what I recommend to our patients:  Do not go into these events with thoughts that “I CANNOT eat this and I CANNOT drank that.”  Take a step back and try to analyze the situation in this manner:  The love and happiness of celebrating this very special day/event needs to be separated from the foods and drinks that accompany those celebrations.   We live for these events and we understand that in order for us to be at many more in the future, we must stay healthy.  One day of downing a bunch of drinks and eating everything in sight will not derail your weight control journey entirely.  However, it is more the long-term mental outlook of seeing these drinks and foods as not a necessary part of celebrating special events in our lives.  It is the people that are there with us that are truly the most important component of the celebrations.

Similar to holiday feasts when I recommend a limited amount of the derailing food and drink sources, approach celebrations in the same way.  How about 1-2 drinks and not 4-5?  A small slice of wedding cake as opposed to a big piece?  

Go in to the celebration events with the mindset that “I am CHOOSING” to limit the amount of derailing foods/drinks and opposed to “I CANNOT” eat/drink these items.

Our goal:  To be able to join our families, friends and loved ones at many, many more celebratory events.  Controlling weight is the key to get there.

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