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Changes in Life-Cycle Weight Challenges

“Change” is something all of us have in the past, and will, in the future, experience.  Seasonal changes, job changes, relationship changes, mood changes…the list goes on and on concerning changes we all go through.

 “Change” is a noun and a verb:

Noun: the act or instance of making or becoming different.

Verb: make (someone or something) different; alter or modify.

The concept of “change” holds much pertinence to the weight control journey. For success to occur, we must change:

  • The types of foods/drinks we consume
  • Focus on our own health
  • How we approach social events and gatherings
  • The prioritization of delayed gratification (i.e. health and happiness) over immediate gratification (i.e. foods/drinks that provide us a quick “feel-good”)
  • Our exercise patterns

Changes in Life-Cycle Weight Challenges: The Benefits

There are many other “changes” required for achieving and maintaining our goal weight.

There are many other “changes” that occur when we are successful in our quest to shed weight.  We change:

  • Clothes sizes
  • The number of diagnoses we have
  • The amounts of medications we are taking
  • Our energy levels
  • Our confidence and self-esteem

There are many other wonderful “changes” that occur courtesy of weight control.

Stay focused and steadfast in your weight control efforts.  The changes you realize are so much worth the changes you need to make to your lifestyle.

And for those David Bowie fans out there, enjoy his song, “Changes”.

Meet Dr. Bob Posner

Dr. Bob Posner is the author of a Daily Blog that he creates for his pationts every day to help them stay focused on their weight control journey. Dr. Posner is also the author of The Serotonin Solution to Never “Dieting” Again, Dr. Bob has lectured at medical conferences across the U.S. and throughout Europe. He has developed and patented serotonin products including SeroPro, the Serotonin Solution for Mood Enhancement launched in April, 2017 and SeroImune, an imune booster launched in 2019.

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