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Changing The Paradigm Of Rewards

We all like to be “REWARDED”.  Here is a definition of “REWARD”:  a thing given in recognition of one’s service, effort, or achievement.

The “THING” referred to in the definition can take the form of many different rewards including:

  • A monetary award or bonus
  • A trophy
  • A ceremony 
  • An item such as an electronic device, gift card or other
  • A promotion

There are many other bullet points that can be added to this list.

Now, turning to the personal reward system: Whether it is our work/professions, positive impact on other people, or some other achievement, we all like to “recognize” ourselves for good things we accomplish.  However, it is quite usual to “reward” ourselves with ingestables, i.e. foods and drinks that we enjoy/make us feel good. 

Unfortunately, the foods/drinks that we tend to reward ourselves with are the ones that derail our weight control efforts.  Although a “reward” may be a dinner out at a great steakhouse, much more often the reward takes the form of desserts, carb-laden foods and/or alcohol.

During a long-term weight control journey, we all must change the paradigm of self-rewards.  We must move away from food/drink rewards to other forms of recognizing our achievements/dedicated work.  Some examples of this will include:

  • A new purchase to support your hobbies, such as a new golf club, high end walking shoes etc
  • A massage therapy
  • A new clothing item that now will fit your improved body shape
  • A new electronic device you have wanted

Each of us can add more potential self-rewards to this list.

Moving away from consumable (i.e. food/drink” self-rewards will be very beneficial to your weigh control efforts.  Although it is never easy to change paradigms, by doing so in the self-reward arena you will receive another reward: A longer and healthier life.

Here is Celine Dion singing “The Greatest Reward”.

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