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Choosing The Lesser Of Two Evils

During a long-term weight control journey there are plenty of derailing foods/drinks that will block success. The obvious offenders include:

  • Alcohol usage
  • Sugar/fat laden desserts
  • Processed meals cooked in microwaves
  • Fast food restaurant offerings
  • Crunchy snacks such as chips

Many more items may be added to this list.  Often, many of these derailing choices are available at the same time.  As an example, when attending a social gathering, there will be lots of weight-harming foods and drinks present all at once.

Now, changing subjects for a minutes and then reverting back to weight control:  The statement “ CHOOSING THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS” can be traced back to ancient Greece and then first written in the 1300’s in England.  In ancient Greek myth, “Between Scylla and Charybdis” (both were monsters) is an idiom derived from Homer’s Odyssey. In the story, Odysseus chose to go near Scylla as the lesser of two evils. He lost six of his companions, but if he had gone near Charybdis all would be doomed.

Now, back to weight control: At times, when we are confronted with a number of derailing food/drink choices, it is best to go with the concept of “choosing the lesser of two evils”.  Yes, all of the things we are staring down may derail an entire week of diiligent weight-losing work but some of these items will be more damaging than others.  As an example, if you are contemplating having one of those milkshake-like drinks such as a Pina Colada filled with lots of rum vs. eating bread, go for the bread.   With alcohol killing metabolism, avoiding this “evil” to opt for the bread (a lesser one) is a prudent idea.  Another example:  When looking at the dessert area, opting for the fruit-containing dessert will be a lesser “evil” than choosing the lava chocolate cake dessert.

We will always be faced with tough choices/decisions in many areas of life.  The weight control arena is no exception.  If “evils” cannot be avoided completely, opt for the lesser damaging choices.

And how about this one?  From the 1969 Woodstock festival, here is Santana singing “Evil Ways”.    

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