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Choosing The Very Best Gifts

‘Tis the Season…Yes, although it seems like summer was only a few weeks ago we are now in that lightning-fast period between Halloween and New Year’s.  I am writing this entry with T-minus one week until Thanksgiving and less than 6 weeks until Christmas.  

I am certain many/all of you are actively in the “gift buying” mode for your loved ones and friends.  It certainly is challenging to find the “right” gift for certain people.  When my family asks me “what do you want for the holidays?” I usually reply:  “I don’t need anything…I have everything I want!”.  I guess this does not make their gift-buying for me any easier.  Perhaps you have similar relatives that do not provide any helpful insights into your gift buying for them.

There are two specific “gifts” I would like to discuss:

  1. Gifts of “Health”:  These gifts into the category of things that can help another’s physical and/or mental health.  Some examples of these would be gift certificates for a massage, a gym membership, home exercise equipment or a great weight loss program (shameless self-promotion should be noted here).  Gifts such as fruit baskets, certificates to restaurants and other “caloric-driven” gifts are not the best for people struggling with weight control.
  2. The “Gift” of “YOU”:  This is sort of a “hidden” gift, i.e. you really cannot place this under a Christmas tree or wrap it up.  This is not even a gift you can profess to someone, i.e. “Here is your gift…it is me!”.  However, for those people that love you and would be devastated if you were no longer with them, the “Gift” of YOU is by far and away, the most valuable, cherished and loved “gift” you can provide to them.

As you finalize the gifts you will be joyfully handing to your loved ones, please keep the two gifts I described above.   Especially the gift of “YOU”.  Take all of the steps needed to ensure that “YOU” are there, in good health, for many more holiday seasons.  Keeping focused on your weight control efforts will help you deliver the very best gift…a healthy and happy YOU.

And, now enjoy a brief Jimmy Kimmel segment about “worst holiday gifts”.

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