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Choosing Your Crowd?

I remember as a youngster growing up in Queens, N.Y. my parents would encourage me to hang out with the “good” kids and stay away from the “wrong” ones.  I guess this sage advice was being given to try to protect me from being influenced by the kids that did drugs/drank alcohol and rather, associate with the kids that led a much more Spartan type of life.

Let’s fast forward to adulthood for all of us.  We all tend to hang around certain groups/types of people.  During a long-term weight control journey, spending time with certain groups will challenge your weight control efforts much more than hanging with other types of groups.  For example, the “Happy Hour” crowd tends to go to bars after work, have drinks and eat bar foods.  Another example is the “boating” crowd: those people that associate on boating weekends tend to include lots of alcohol in the events.  Being with these aforementioned “crowds” will stand a high chance of thwarting your weight loss efforts.

How about the “crowd” that meets on Sunday mornings for a 20 mile bike ride?  Or, the “crowd” that meets for coffee after the workout at the local gym?  Associating with these crowds will support your weight control efforts.

Support during your weight control efforts is very important.  Being with people that are on a similar quest of improving health will contribute much better to your efforts than hanging with people that constantly indulge in behaviors that sabotage weight control.  Choose your crowd wisely!

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