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Complete Game Victories

For any of you long-term baseball fans out there, there are some major differences you may have noted as to how games are managed/play now compared to 40-50 years ago.  Let’s time travel back and look at the best pitchers back then:  Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Greg Maddux and many more with similar great pitching statistics.  These guys pitched LOTS of complete games, meaning they were able to stay out there and compete at a very high level for the entire 9 innings game.

Fast forward to current times:  If the starting pitcher goes 6-7 innings, this is considered a great outing.  There is the 7th and 8th inning “set-up” pitchers that will parade into the game and then finally the “closer” that will finish the 9 innings game.  RARELY does a starting pitcher now actually complete a 9 innings game.  On the TV screen you can see the statistic constantly posted as to the “pitch count” and when the starter gets in and around 100 pitchers thrown, here comes the relief pitchers.

Okay, baseball discussion is now over and we turn to the topic of weight control…what is the proposed analogy?  Here goes:  To lose weight and keep that weight off require each of us to take the “full game” approach.  Many people will adhere to the eating/drinking principles needed to effectively control weight for 4-6 days out of the week but on the other days, derailing foods will enter the picture, subsequently hindering weight loss from occurring.  Similarly, following the required dietary approach for the bulk of the day but then hitting the pantry or freezer for harmful snacks will destroy the entire day’s worth of diligent work.

Is it coincidental that 50 years ago when many pitchers threw complete games in baseball that the obesity rate was 33% of what exists now in our country?  Probably.  However, take a step back and evaluate whether you are trying for the complete game or exiting earlier.  The complete game will enhance your chances of becoming an all-star in health and happiness! 

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