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Cutting Your Gains?

There is an expression used at casinos and in business pertaining to times when money is being lost. At the casino venue, when sitting at the blackjack table and every hand seems to be going bad, rather than stay there and keep ponying up money, it is best to stand up and walk away.  In business, sometimes money is being spent on a certain advertising or other venture and the return on investment keeps coming up negative.  Under those circumstances, it is best to discontinue spending money in that direction.  In both examples, money has been lost, and the expression used pertinent to these situations:  “CUT YOUR LOSSES”.

Turning our attention to the weight control arena, there will be times when “feeding frenzies” occur.  This could be a singular event such as going to a holiday party with a complete food buffet and open bar or a multiday situation such as a cruise ship with food galore and a drink package that was bought.  During these times, we may succumb to the normal human nature behavior pattern of indulging in lots of carbs and alcohol.  However, try as best as possible to keep some element of focus on your weight control efforts and summon the fortitude to stop yourself from doing even more damage to your weight control.

During these very challenging times, if you find yourself overindulging, try to bring in the “CUT YOUR (weight) Gains” mindset, similar to being able to walk away from the blackjack table or stopping an ad campaign in business that already had lots of money dumped into.  There is a big difference however between the gambling and business example compared to weight loss:  At the blackjack table or business venture, there is always a (slight) chance of actually winning big.   In the eating/drinking example, what exactly is the big “win”?

Concerning weight control, double down on your exercise, invest lots in your weight control efforts, and try to maximize your losses, cut your gains and you will be a big WINNER.

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