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Dietary Prison?

Most people want to begin a “diet” on a Monday, not on a Friday.  The majority of people want to start their efforts after a vacation as opposed to before.  And lastly, many patients entering our program ask if they can wait just a few days to start, as they want to “enjoy” their next few days.

All of the above basically implies that thoughts of going on a journey to control weight are essentially entering a very unhappy time period.  It is almost construed as going into a sort of “dietary prison” when we cannot have the foods/drinks we like, but rather, will be forced to eat a limited menu of food items that may be “good” for weight loss but “bad” for fun.

This type of mind-set ultimately spells doom for long-term weight control success.  The reason:  When we feel that a situation/environment is negative/punishing, we cannot wait for this to end.  Referring to weight control, the high protein/low carb/low fruit/low alcohol “situation/environment” becomes sort of boring, repetitive and deprives us of a number of foods/drinks that had been a pretty good chunk of our dietary intakes.  Taking these foods/drinks away from us is almost akin to entering a prison where certain rights and comforts are taken away..

How do we avoid the “dietary prison” mind-set?  Always remain focused on the reasons why you need to control weight and the benefits that await you when goals are reached.  Looking younger, becoming much healthier, re-gaining energy, fitting into clothes, ridding yourself of medications, etc etc….these, and more are the great results that will transpire.

A much worse “prison” than the dietary one is being encarcerated by a number of co-morbidities secondary to poor weight control.  That prison can place you on Death Row.

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