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Different Victories In Weight Control

Losing weight and keeping that weight off is a long-term journey.  During this journey there will be days, weeks or months when there will be many more challenges to your efforts.  Here are some examples:

  • Your birthday week (or in the case of you XX chromosome people out there, your birthday month)
  • Vacation days/weeks
  • Holidays
  • Business travel

During these challenging days (or weeks) a “victory” in weight control will be staying the same weight or keeping the weight gain to only 1 or 2 pounds.  It is quite difficult to go on vacation, celebrate birthdays and/or join others for holiday and other social gatherings and NOT partake of the prerequisite alcohol, desserts, carbs that are part of these events.  However, keeping mindful and limiting portions will keep the “damages” to a minimum, resulting in either no weight gain or only a slight amount.

However when the environment for weight loss is more favorable, that is when we all need to step it up and follow one of the more aggressive phases of our dietary plan.  By doing so, this will not only negate the slight gains that occur during the challenging times, but also keep that scale number dropping over time.

So, the concept of today’s entry:  The ultimate “Victory” in weight control is getting the weight to your happiest and healthiest level.  Along the way, there are different “victories” to be had and we should all temper our expectations based on the various times of the year.

How about Queen and “We Are The Champions”?

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