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Do It My Way (Or Your Way)

For those of you that have been in our Serotonin-Plus Weight Control Program, you are provided with a booklet that provides “My Way” of getting that weight down.  You will see such concepts as:

  • Eat lots of proteins and vegetables while decreasing carbohydrates and fruits
  • Eliminate alcohol usage or keep this to a bare minimum
  • Avoid nuts
  • Limit cheese
  • Do not resort to using protein shakes/bars as meal replacements
  • Do not “intermittently fast”

However, I am NOT by any means, the ultimate authority on weight control and I fully realize that everyone is different emotionally and physiologically.  There are a number of people that can imbibe in nightly alcohol and continue to shed weight.  Others can incorporate protein meal replacements and still achieve success.

The important point:  If you are struggling with weight control and the weight is not coming off, you simply cannot keep doing what you are doing (YOUR way).  You must adjust and change your approach.  We have seen tens of thousands of patients so we know that for most, if they follow “MY Way”, weight will come off.  There are certainly some people that do not respond great to our phases and we take a step back and adjust the approach for those patients.

Results are the key, so whether you lose weight MY way, YOUR way or other, adhere to the plan that delivers you the results you are striving for.

And now enjoy Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) singing “I Did It My Way”.  (Spoiler alert:  I will not post this song/video ever again until the very last blog I write…hopefully at least 30 years from now!)

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