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Do Not Listen To Simon

When was the last time you played the game “SIMON SAYS”?  This may bring you back decades but we all, at one time or another, played this game at school, camp, resorts, cruise ships and other places where group recreational activities occurred.  For those of you that may have been beamed down from another planet, in the game, a Leader would provide instructions such as “SIMON SAYS” jump up and down, pat your belly, turn around several spins and/or other similar commands that you needed to follow.  BUT, if the Leader simply gave a command and you did this without hearing the words “SIMON SAYS” then you are out of the contest.   The commands are barked quickly and for those remaining players, they needed to listen and act quicker and quicker to the point when there was only 1 person remaining…the Winner!

Real quick: “SIMON” De Montfort, was a 13th-century French-English noble, who commanded so much authority from those around him that he imprisoned King Henry III. His words were feared and outranked the king.  This apparently is the “SIMON” referred to in the game “SIMON SAYS”.

Okay, off the Catskills resort morning lawn games to the world of wellness: What does “SIMON” have to do with the healthcare arena?

There are LOTS of “SIMONS” out there on the television, podcasts, internet and other arenas where health information is promulgated.  We all must be VERY careful and perform LOTS of due diligence when we are told to do certain things that impact our health.  Certain dietary approaches, the use of supplements, getting various vaccines…these recommendations/instructions/commands MUST be vetted before blindly following these “SIMON SAYS” influencers/talking heads.  Do not rely on the network, podcast or website to do this due diligence for you.  Be proactive in researching much more thoroughly any actions you may take based on recommendations you hear/read about.

In the game of health, doing what “Simon” tells you to do may take you out of the game for good. 

Back to 1967 and the 1910 Fruit Game Company….”SIMON SAYS”…enjoy!

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