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Do Snow Days Impact Weight Control?

Looks like a snow event is happening this coming weekend to our NOVA/DC/MD area.  It seems like as the years go by and global warming continues, we see less and less snow events every year.  I remember as a kid growing up in New York the winters were colder and had many more snow events that occur now.  For those out there that are fans of snow I am sure you are disappointed.  For the people out there that loathe the cold and snow, I would bet you are pleased.

When the snow does come, this often triggers a number of events that will tend to derail weight control efforts.  First, the lockdown that occurs (more on this later) places us in the confines of our homes for prolonged periods of time.  The pantry and refrigerator are very convenient to wander over to.  The boredom of being confined at home and the stress of dealing with the inconveniences of snow (having to shovel, dealing with fighting kids, etc) will compel us to reach for those food and drink sources that provide immediate gratification.  Unfortunately, these are exactly the food/drink sources that got us into “weight control trouble” in the first place.

Snow days also bring us some element of nostalgia, as hot chocolate, making warm cookies and other childhood memories of fun family times in the snow will bring us in these directions, most of which will also derail weight control efforts.   For those that exercise outside, the snow days reduce the amount of caloric burn off unless the person can switch to aerobic machines at home.

The snow “lockdown” is not much different than the Covid lockdown…we find ourselves at home and the temptations start becoming too much to swat aside.  

Try to convert some of the snow day lockdown (as we should with the Covid lockdown) to plan, prepare and focus on the meal planning that will ultimately help us achieve the weight control that is so important to us.  Place 3X5 cards on your pantry and frig reminding yourself as to why weight control is so important to you and your family.

Do not allow the snow to hinder your quest to a happier and healthier life that weight control will bring you.  And…maybe a second home in Florida?

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