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Do They Have To Go Together?

The hit musical show “Grease” contained many memorable songs but probably the most popular tune was “We Go Together”.  The 1978 movie version of the show had John Travolta and Olivia Newton John performing the song.

Before launching into the substance of this entry, I want to play a little music trivia game with you.  Please fill in the blanks (I will provide the answers at the end):

  • Hall and _____
  • Simon and ______
  • Martin and _______ (this one will require you to be probably over 60 years old)
  • Peter, Paul and _______
  • Loggins and __________

Now, let’s go to “pairs”, “duets” or combinations in the weight control world and foods/drinks:

  • Hamburger and FRIES
  • Peanut butter and JELLY
  • Sausa and CHIPS
  • Meatballs and SPAGHETTI
  • Mexican food and MARGUERITAS

There are many more “pairings” in the food/drink world that are very usual and customary.  However, there are no “rules” that state that you have to drink alcohol with your Mexican food, eat mashed potatoes with your steak or fries with your burger.  During a long term, successful weight control journey we all need to learn how to “break up” certain pairings.

And, Hall did break up with OATES

Simon and GARFUNKEL split

Dean MARTIN and JERRY LEWIS were entertainment partners and they broke up

Peter, Paul; and MARY did stay together for a long time but Mary did go out on her own as well.

Kenny Loggins and JIM MESSINA went there separate ways as well.

Well, I could have posted a song from any of th above music groups but let’s go back to 1978 and enjoy seeing a young John Travolta and healthy Olivia Newton John singing their famous song from “Grease”

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