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 Do We Get Mulligans?

I am not a golfer.  I tried once and simply did not enjoy it.  However, I 1000% respect people that tell me it is an incredibly fun part of their lives.  Many find this sport incredibly fun, relaxing and it becomes a very important component of their “balance” in life.

There is a term that is often used in golfing circles that has made its’ way into other arenas of life:  MULLIGAN.  The definition:  “A Mulligan in golf is a shot which is allowed to be replayed without penalty and as if the first shot had not even happened. Thus if a player is unhappy with a bad shot, he or she can simply repeat it. It is against the rules of golf, but it is used in some social games.”

Coming off the golf course, there are some scenarios in life where the concept of a “mulligan” exists.  If we make a bad decision at work, often this decision can be changed without any “damage” being done to the project at hand.  On the personal side of things, sometimes decisions/actions we take in relationships can also be reversed without consequences.

To the healthcare “course”:  Do we get “mulligans” as this relates to health?  I believe the answer is  “yes” and “no”, depending on the circumstances.  The chronic smoker that develops Stage IV lung cancer will not get a “mulligan” from this dreaded outcome caused by long-term smoking.  There is no avoiding the consequences.  The chronic alcoholic that develops end stage cirrhosis will not get a “mulligan” from the terminal consequences of the drinking.

To the “links” of weight control:  I do believe there are “mulligans” to be had IF a person is able to reverse the course from having chronic obesity to being at a much more healthy weight.  Many co-morbidities , such as diabetes, heart diseases, chronic pain and even cancer may be avoided when weight is under control.   

So, get on that scale, and if a bad “shot” is taken (i.e. the number on the scale is unhealthy), get off the scale, take your “mulligan” and get serious about your weight control efforts.  The longer you procrastinate, the less chance there is to get that “mulligan”.

And for you golfing enthusiasts out there, here is a video of some of the best “hole in one” shots ever on the European professional tour:

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