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Do You Believe In Fate?

Here is a definition of the word “FATE”:  the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

Well, leaving the word “supernatural” in the definition may have many people debating whether fate really exists, as this would be dependent on a “supernatural power” existing.  This entry is not being posted to discuss the presence of God, so let’s remove “supernatural” from the definition for now and focus on the concept of “beyond a person’s control”.

Focusing on the health arena, there are many factors contributing to our relative states of health “beyond our control” including:

  • The impact of aging on our bodies
  • Genetic predisposition for developing cancers, heart disease and other major illnesses
  • Infectious diseases that we are exposed to (such as the recent pandemic)

However, there are “under our control” factors that can influence “fate” including:

  • Smoking vs. non-smoking
  • Drinking lots of alcohol vs a little
  • Being at a normal/slightly overweight vs. being obese
  • Exercising routinely vs. not being active

Take a step back in your journey to improved health and focus on your lifestyle, eating and drinking behaviors that play major roles contributing to good health vs. bad health.  Take control and make the necessary changes.  Do NOT “Cast Your Fate To The Wind”.

Well, with that end I gotta post a tune from Vince Guaradi called “Cast Your Fate To The Wind”.  I bet none of us know who this jazz musician was but apparently he also wrote a bunch of music for the “Peanuts/Charlie Brown” movies.  For you more senior people out there like me, this tune will bring back some memories.  Enjoy!

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