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Do You Believe In Magic?

As children and even into adulthood, most/all of us loved magic shows.  The sleight of hand card tricks, making bunnies appear out of hats, flowers changing colors instantly…these tricks and more thrilled us.  I remember seeing David Copperfield’s magic show at the MGM Grand in Vegas and to date, this was one of the best shows I have ever seen in Sin City.  Receiving a “magician’s kit” as a holiday present was one of the best gifts ever received.

The belief in “magic” often ends with the innocence of childhood ending.  With experience, age and maturation, reality is such that “magic” is often replaced with the harsh realization that magical things only occur in stories or movies.

Now turning to the weight control arena:  There are no “Magical” medications, injections, surgical procedures or “diets” that produce easy, rapid, and/or sustainable weight loss.  The aforementioned medications and other interventions can be great adjuncts to help a person along the journey.  However, dedication to lifestyle changes and behavioral modification are the necessary components to long-term weight control.  This is a matter of hard work, focus and resolve.  There is no “magic” that applies to this.

This entry is inspired by the recent major interest in the use of Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro (The new GLP1- agonists)   Social media has blown these treatments up as “MagicaL” weight loss medications.  Their purported “Magic”: Take these injections, do nothing else and lots of weight sheds off.  Reality?  I have been prescribing these meds for awhile now and I see no “magic” whatsoever.  The results seen in patients are no different than the oral meds we have been using for the last 25 years and when these meds are stopped, weight gain occurs if the person does not continue behavioral changes.

Ozempic’s commercials use the old song “Magic” performed by the group Pilot.  Don’t believe the hype….ain’t nothing “Magic” about Ozempic, any other medication, my program etc.  YOU are the “Magic” (if you are able to change behaviors for the long term).

And I am NOT posting the Ozempic song today…rather, here is The Loving Spoonful singing “Do You Believe In Magic?” on the Ed Sullivan show (love that 70’s hair…used to have this myself!)

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