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Do You Go To Happy Hours?

When most people hear the term “HAPPY HOUR”, the image that is conjured up is a bar scene where people are gathered in and around the end of work time, downing alcohol containing drinks and typical bar type snacks such as nachos, cheese fries and assorted other great tasting foods.  I remember in my old Navy days that many of the bars would offer a free food buffet if you simply ordered one drink.  Most establishments offer reduced prices for their drinks and appetizers during these “Happy Hours”.  It is pretty clear why these late afternoon/early evening drink and food deals are called “Happy Hours”:  We all love saving money as we are able to partake of foods and drinks we love.

Obviously, attending one or more “Happy Hours” a week can do major damage to anyone’s weight loss efforts.  The negative impact on metabolism from the alcohol put together with the high caloric foods/snacks may destroy an entire week of focused weight control behaviors.  And the older we get, the more likely it is that we cannot “get away with” 1-2 nights a week of escaping our weight control efforts and not pay the consequences, i.e. weight gain that week.

Let’s change the narrative for a bit about the concept of a “Happy Hour”.  Here are some scenarios that would make us quite happy, if not elated, for an hour spent:

  • Hanging out with your children playing a board game
  • Spending intimate time with your lover in a quiet setting
  • Feeling the “feel good” endorphins rise as you are exercising and listening to motivational music
  • Walking/playing with your dog


There are many more “Happy Hours” in our lives other than getting a good drink deal at a local bar.  Stay true to your weight control efforts and you will enjoy the very best “Happy Hours” of your lives.

24 Hours of “Happy” is better than 1-2 hours of “Happy”…so opt for “Happy Days”….and with that, here is an oldie for you….

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