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Do You Have A Cooler?

One of my favorite independent movies is a picture with the actors William Macy and Alec Baldwin called “The Cooler”.  The movie centered around a loser type of guy (Macy) that had such bad luck that he was hired by a casino operator (Baldwin) to stand next to casino players that were winning lots of $$$ in the casino either at a blackjack or craps table.  Inevitably, when Macy’s character stood next to the person winning lots of money, the winning stopped immediately.  He “cooled” the player off, hence the nickname, “The Cooler”.

Okay, off of movie trivia and back to weight control:  For people that travel often in their cars during a workday and do not have access to refrigeration, most often meals are obtained on the go, and often via a drive through restaurant due to time constraints.  This becomes challenging for weight control as the choices are limited and one of the three meals may turn out to derail the entire day of weight control efforts.

Enter “The Cooler”.  There are many quality food/drink carrying bags that are capable of keeping foods safe from bacterial contamination due to heat.  This allows a person to bring the hard boiled eggs, salads with chicken and sorted other SP-Phase 1 types of meals.  Investing the $20 or so bucks provides you a safe carrying case to bring the compatible meals that will obviate the need for a Wendy’s drive-thru.

Long-term weight control success requires lots of planning and avoiding spontaneous meal selections.  Get ‘The Cooler” and heat up those weight loss efforts.

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