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Do You Have A Recipe For Success?

A successful long-term weight control journey requires this “recipe for success”:

  • Being able to focus on your efforts
  • Planning meals
  • Shopping for the right types of foods
  • Not allowing stress and other environmental factors to derail your efforts
  • Finding time to execute an exercise program
  • Avoiding the use of more than a slight amount of alcohol intake
  • Not allowing friends/family to coax you into eating/drinking behaviors that are deleterious

This list can go on and on and on.

Another contributing cause of derailing weight control success is the boredom that we all experience with the necessity of driving in lots of protein and vegetables while minimizing carbohydrates, fruits, fats and alcohol.  Let’s all face it:  We get bored on “eggs in the morning, salad with protein at lunch and protein and vegetables at dinner”.  Unfortunately, this is the exact type of “recipe for success” required for long-term weight control.

One of the ways of reducing/eliminating the boredom factor is to become innovative with food preparations.  There are many ways that protein and vegetables can be “jazzed up” to make them more “exciting” to eat.  Yes, the thoughts of 2 hard boiled and microwave bacon every morning are “wow, this is boring” but being able to creatively prepare more fun ways of cooking up these proteins allow for longer sustainability.

There are many online resources for creative ways of developing fun recipes for protein dishes, especially for the slow cooker and outdoor grill.  The summer weather provides a great opportunity to use those recipes to grill up more than one meal at a time.  Many celebrity chefs have their cookbooks out there for innovative recipes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone develop for you a personalized recipe rather than having to look online or order a cookbook?  Well, we have something special coming your way soon.  Shhhh…next week we are announcing our Nataliya Birthday Sale and in addition to saving over $400, people signing up will get a personalized recipe developed by Nataliya.  

We can help your “recipe for success” with a personalized recipe and a great offer.  Stay tuned!!!

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