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Do You Have Anxiety, Depression or Insomnia?

I do not believe there is anyone out there that is not feeling any anxiety, insomnia and/or depression.  The Covid-19 virus pandemic and the subsequent economic catastrophies are playing havoc with our emotions.  We are all very different as to how we handle such attacks to our bodies.  Anxiety can lead to body symptoms such as palpitations, chest pains and trouble breathing.  These symptoms make us feel even more anxious.   Poor sleep will produce more anxiety and lower the immune system.

Medications like “Valium” for anxiety and “Ambien” for insomnia scare people because of the potential addictive effects of these medications when used at high dosages for long periods of time.  However, when used in judicious dosages monitored over a relatively short period of time, medications such as these can be highly effective in reducing anxiety and promoting a much better night’s sleep.

Please do not feel that you need to suffer from extreme anxiety, depression and/or insomnia because it is “too dangerous” to go to your doctor’s office.  I would be happy to provide a telemedicine visit to discuss these issues and can very simply prescribe an appropriate medication to treat the issue(s) that are occurring.

Requiring medical help during this incredible stressful time period is by no means a sign of weakness.  PLEASE feel free to schedule your own telemedicine appointment at or call us at 703-866-4144.  After hours I can be reached at 703-609-0388.

We are all in this together.  I am here for you 24/7.

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